The World's most versatile modular display system

t3 system

Modular Display.

T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system. Its beauty and uniqueness begin with the simple ‘twist and lock’ feature – no tools are required. Manufactured in the UK, T3 is versatile, durable, reconfigurable, and reusable.


Nothing else competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

T3 Modular Display System

T3 has been manufactured to be unique, reusable and reconfigurable in its engineering. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is brilliantly simple to construct, and requires no tools or skilled labour to build. What’s more, T3’s lightweight and compact ability ensures ease of transport at every step of your journey.

The versatility of T3 allows it to be adaptable to a range of different display environments – event displays, conference sets, portable kitchens, bars and counters, modular exhibition stands, pop-up shops, photobooths, and light boxes.

Apply multiple graphic substrates and even integrate a variety of bespoke elements, whatever the project, with T3, the possibilities are endless.

Twist. Lock. Connect.

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Graphics Substrates

Once your modular framework is constructed, you can pop, lock or press your substrate of choice onto the framework in minutes. You can choose any substrate you want including:

  • Tension Fabric
  • Rigid Panels
  • Rollable Panels

No levers, no tools, no skill.
Just connect, twist and lock.

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Twist. Lock. Connect.

T3 is an easy to build system, just simply twist, lock and connect.

Lightweight. Compact.

Expertly designed and engineered to be lightweight and compact in design, yet strong and durable.

Reconfigure. Reuse. Reimagine.

Reuse your T3 display as many times as you’d like, and reconfigure to get a new design without the extra kit!

Reduce Labour Costs

T3’s simple to build and no tools system means anyone can build an impressive display.
No skilled labour is needed!

Speed and Ease of Build

With its simplicity, T3 beats conventional construction methods for its speed and ease of build.

Clad with Multiple Graphic Substrates

Apply any substrate to the T3 system to create a completely seamless graphic display.

Customise & Integrate.

Nothing compares to T3's ease of use and ability to create spectacular designs to wow the crowd.

Endless Possibilities

The versatility of T3 means it can be used for any application – there are absolutely no limits with your displays.

Making it happen.

Professional Finish, MOdular displays

unrivalled mechanism

One frame, limitless possibilities.

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